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Professor Obi | Online Alternative Health Introductory Course | Basic Registration Formalities | Step Number 1 | For those who wish to be awarded a Certificate (of Completion).

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Professor Obi | Online Alternative Health Introductory Course | Important Examination (Assessment) Advice | For those who wish to be awarded a Certificate (of Completion).

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Each Receipt will entitle a Candidate to a Maximum of 3 (Phone Assessment) Attempts.

Not Many Folk will actually pass the Assessment on their Very First Sitting.

Those who Gloriously Succeed in their various Phone Assessments will then be able to duly upgrade to various other (Face-to-Face) Advanced Training Courses (and Apprenticeships or Seminars or Workshops) ; without the need for any other Prior Academic Qualifications. They will also (ultimately) be (vibrantly) assisted to (Lawfully) Set Up their very own Alternative Medicine Clinics and Wellness Centres.

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Black UK Politics Blog | Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi on Twitter

Featured Readers Responses [1] to My Tweets :

Dear Professor Obi,

Congrats on your 5th annniversary of holding a full eu medical licence , and thank you for competently treating one of our relatives in your private (european union) clinic.

We knew your late father when you all lived at pathfield road , near streatham common in London SW16 ; many decades ago.

Please therefore duly feature the above story , even though we know that chuka umunna's late father was one of your Daddy's best friends - long before they acrimoniously parted ways a few months prior to when he got married to chuka's mother.

Dr Khan was a very good doctor NOT A TERRORIST , and we are not happy with the way chuka refused to help us during our time of need.


Sincerely ,

- (Anonymous) Retired Ethnic Minority Doctor from London


Labour star 'foiled bid to save Syrian Doctor : Family's fury at Chuka Umunna's failure to act to secure release of a 'martyr'

* Dr Abbas Khan died in Syria this week while being held prisoner

* He was just four days away from being released from jail

* His family say Labour MP Chuka Umunna failed to act to save him

* Claim Umunna stopped a delegation going to Syria to lobby for his release



* I clearly remember Ben Osi Umunna ( Chuka Umunna's Father ).

* In my opinion , I personally think that Chuka Umunna did not (fundamentally) handle this matter properly ; most probably because in 2013 he may not have been as Politically Mature as one would have wished.

* Let this be a Lesson to you all : Black UK Politicians are not always (necessarily) as helpful as one would expect , most especially during Times of Crisis.

* Black Voters , (plus others), duly elected Chuka into Power as their MP - So it is better to Deal with it via the Ballot Box if you are not happy with his Stewardship.

* Chuka Umunna currently has a relatively small Parliamentary Constituency Majority ; so Voting Him Out of Parliament would not be all that hard - if all of the Asians (and Muslims) got together and Voted for EITHER the Liberal Democrats or the Green Party.

* In the Interim , I will see what I can do (in terms of Publicity) for you.

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