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Dr Joseph Obi

Professor The Rt Hon Joseph Chikelue Obi | Our Journey So Far | Labour's Got Talent | Appeal Number 1

Prof Joseph Chikelue Obi | Labour's Got Talent | Appeal Number 1 | The Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP (Contestant Number 1)

Dr Joseph Obi hereby confirms that Labour's Got Talent has just received an Informal Appeal from Sources Claiming to be Impeccably Close to the Rt Hon Keith Vaz

. . . *It would be most appropriate (at this point) to Delicately State that such Highly Unimpeachable Sources have Absolutely Nothing Whatsoever to do with Babs , the Pretty Little Female Labour Party Councillor above ; who seemingly appears to have Joyfully Survived some sort of Instant Visual Mammogram ; Sneakily Performed , of course , by a Rt Hon Locum Breastologist , amidst Mortifying Gasps of Horror from Two (Non) Swivel-Eyed Grassroot (Tongue-Waggling) Publicists on the Left Hand Side of the ,(Non-Loon), Karaoke-Enhanced-Photograph . . .

Doctor Obi has also been made fully aware of Huge Stash of Supporting Video Evidence ; which may (or may not) duly indicate that Mr Vaz may (or may not) have been Unfairly Underscored in Certain Critical Aspects of his Political Reality Show Assessment.

To this effect , Doctor Joseph Obi , has therefore (humanely) decided to Formally Review the Rt Hon Keith Vaz's Final Score ; the results of which will soon be (sensitively) made public :

In the Interim , please be duly advised that Dr Obi , in his Official Capacity as Chief Political Judge , will not be inclined to make any Further Statements in any matters (directly or indirectly) relating to Contestant Number 1 ; so as not Tarnish (or Pervert or Jeopardize or Besmirch) the Ongoing Political Appeal Process.

* * *

Prof Joseph Chikelue Obi | Black UK Politics

Labour's Got Talent | UK Political Reality Show | Contestant Number 1 :

The Rt Hon Keith Nigel Anthony Standish Vaz | Top UK Labour Party MP
( Aspiring Boris Johnson Impersonator )

*Final Score* : Zero (Out of Ten Hundred Million)

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