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" . . . Beware , The Ides of March . . . "

. . . This is a Decisive Public Warning to our Racist UK Prime Minister David Cameron ; from Doctor Joseph Chikelue Obi (a Highly Controversial Alternative Medicine Professor and Black British Politician) . . .

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Beware the Ides of March is (possibly) one of the the Most Popular Quotes in Classic Literature , and is primarily taken from one of William's Shakespeare's (Best Known) Masterpieces - Julius Caesar (1599).

The Profound Warning , ( . . . Beware , The Ides of March . . . ) , is Publicly Uttered by a Soothsayer (Alternative Medicine Doctor) - who is firmly letting (the Powerful Roman Leader) Julius Caesar know that his Political Life is in Supreme Danger ; and that he should probably Stay at Home and be Exceedingly Careful when March 15th, the Ides of March , eventually comes around.

But as we already know, our Arrogant Caesar doesn't Stay at Home at all on that Very Fateful Date ; and is Viciously Murdered , Half-way through the Play.

His Death does not really come as a Surprise to the Audience :

Because Yes , He Was Duly Warned !

One of the most Intriguing Truths about the Hallowed (Shakespeare) Play is that History has already confirmed that the actual date of March 15th , 44 BC , was (indeed) Truly the very same day when the real Julius Caesar was Violently Murdered.

Infact , Good Old Caesar (ultimately) ended up being Brutally Stabbed (23 Times) by an Angry Mob of Senators (Parliamentarians) , who were (Shockingly) led by his (Closest) Political Protégés and Supposed Friends (Frenemies) , Cassius and Brutus.

. . . Caesar's Most Famous Dying Words were as Follows : Et Tu , Brute ? (You Too , Brutus ?) . . .

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