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Medical Licensing Council
Medical Licensing Council

Professor Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi | The World's Most Controversial Healer | Alive & Kicking | Ready For Action | Still The Talk Of The Town !

Forget about all of the Idle Tittle Tattle on the Internet . Here is what the Powers-That-Be really think about Professor Chikelue Joseph Obi FRCAM(Dublin) :

"The first thing which momentously strikes you about Joseph Chikelue Obi is his totally unique ability to effortlessly mingle where Angels even fear to tread.

That Guy is Fearless - Absolutely Fearless."

- Permanent Secretary , British Government , Whitehall , London

"Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi is a Survivor , not a Saint "

- Tabloid Newspaper Editor , Europe.

"Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi is Solid Living Proof that a Fully Qualified Medical Doctor can still be successful in countless other professional areas outside the field of Orthodox Clinical Medicine."

- University Vice Chancellor

"Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi spells very (very) serious trouble for us - He must be stopped immediately !"

-General Medical Council (GMC) Boss , London , UK

"Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi will probably go down in history as the Most Intrepid Medical Rebel of all time . . ."

- British Medical Association (BMA) Stalwart

"Joseph Chikelue Obi is simply unstoppable ; whatever anyone tries to do to him.

If you really can't handle that fact , then go take a flying leap into the Grand Canyon or someplace else"

- Seasoned International Diplomat

"At last we now have a Black British Doctor who is not afraid of holding the General Medical Council to account for all of it's racist atrocities over the past few centuries - Long live Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi"

- Ethnic Minority Leader , National Health Service (NHS)

"I simply cannot believe that you are just going to sit there smiling and let all of these Racists get away with this. Press charges against both them and the GMC , for heaven's sake. Sue them all . . . Do Something before they ruin you !!! "

- The totally embarrassed Senior Northumbria Police Officer who carefully verified all of Professor Joseph Obi 's Qualifications and gave him a clean bill of health , after a (Headline Hungry) Racist Newspaper Journalist (with very strong links to the UK Most Racist Political Party) conned him (and many others) into thinking that Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi was an UberQuack.

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