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Joseph Chikelue Obi | What is Quack Medicine ?

Joseph Chikelue Obi : Xmas Food For Thought.

"Quack Medicine is just as common in an Orthodox Clinical Setting as it is in an Alternative Medicine Environment.

The main difference is that Allopathic Quacks often tend to have an Accredited Medical Degree plus a Statutory Medical Practising License ; while their Holistic Fringe Healing Counterparts fundamentally do not possess any of the Aforementioned Major Qualifications.

Whatever the case , please be duly informed that over 75% of Orthodox Clinical Medicine has absolutely No Solid Evidence Base whatsoever ; and as such is therefore (by Critical Default) fundamentally deemed to be nothing short of Unflappable Medical Quackery.

To put it bluntly : Almost Everyone is now a Potential Quack . . ."

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