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Joseph Chikelue Obi Boldly Advises African Governments To Renounce Their International Criminal Court Treaties | Dr Obi Condemns USA War Crimes . . .

Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi , publicly repeats his Recommendation that all Member States of the African Union (AU) should comprehensively withdraw (and de-ratify) all forms of cooperation with the International Criminal Court (ICC) ; pending formal ratification of all Outstanding ICC Treaties by the United States of America.

Despite the Unstoppable Murderous Avalanche of Horrific Military Genocide (and Heinous War Crimes) which America has unlawfully been unleashing all over the Globe since the ICC was statutorily established some time ago , it is Utterly Flabberghasting to painfully note that not one Single American Soldier (or United States President) has ever been brought to Justice at the very same ICC ; which has (sadly) since become a Bottomless Judicial Graveyard , which woefully stinks of Shameless Colonial Brigandage.

If the Wealthy (and All-Powerful) United States of America feels far too Pompous to legally recognize the Hallowed Jurisdiction of the ICC , then Joseph Chikelue Obi does not personally see any reason why Poor African Nations should not equally feel the very same way too about such an Extremely Cowardly International Criminal Court.

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