Medical Licensing Council

Medical Licensing Council
Medical Licensing Council

Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi : " Africa is more than competent enough to firmly solve it's very own Problems , without Western Intervention ".

Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi duly notes that the Constitutional Council of Ivory Coast has now fully reversed itself in relation to the Disputed Presidential Elections ; and formally sworn in a New Ivorien President , in the person of Dr Alassane Ouattara.

To this effect , the Fundamental Political Ruling which Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi publicly made (very many months ago) , has finally now been Fully Respected and Comprehensively Addressed , by all Major Parties in this Protracted Ivorien Saga.

That being said , in future , it is ethically hoped that it should not necessarily take the Robust Intervention of the Office of Joseph Chikelue Obi before Similar Lawful Solutions are appropriately reached in future ; since it is once again evident that most African Politicans are more than competent enough to firmly and decisively solve their very own problems among themselves (without Western Intervention) ; albeit in their very own Idiosyncratic African Manner.

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