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Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi | New Year Message 2011 | Dr Joseph Obi To Mediate In Ivory Coast Crisis.

As the Whole Wide World boldly enters a Brand New Year ,Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi would like to globally extend his Most Prosperous Seasonal Greetings to all (Peace-Loving) Citizenry across the Planet.

Due to Recent Political Events in the Ivory Coast , Dr Joseph Obi will be formidably spending the next few days ethically proposing his very own solution to the Highly Explosive Quagmire , in the very same way as he has successfully assisted in the resolution of similar situations in Zimbabwe , Kenya and other Nations.

In the Interim , Professor Obi would like to publicly advise the Nigerian Presidency not to unilaterally institute any External Military Intervention against President Laurent Gbagbo at this present moment in time ; most especially without the Explicit Legislative Approval of the Nigerian National Assembly.

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