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Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi Refuses To Condemn Controversial Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo.

Further to the recent announcement in relation to Ivory Coast , Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi would like to publicly advise ECOWAS to immediately tone down it's Highly Unhelpful Rhetoric concerning Ivorien President Laurent Gbagbo.

The fact that the Whole Wide World seems to favourably assume that Gbagbo's Rival allegedly won the Disputed Presidential Election is definitely not the very same thing as Gbagbo's Rival firmly meeting the Acceptable Statutory Requirements for Presidential Investiture ; as duly deemed by the Competent Electoral Appellate Authority (under the appropriate guidance of the Constitution).

For the Avoidance of All Possible Doubt , it must therefore be duly noted that Irrespective of whether President Laurent Gbagbo is ultimately ejected from office (or not) ; the Ivorien Constitution currently does not have any Statutory Provisions for his (Exceedingly Popular) Presidential Opponent to immediately take over the Presidential Affairs of State , without due process.

In fact, even if President Gbagbo were to unceremoniously Exit the Political Scene (altogether) , by Hook or by Crook , (at any given time when Illegal External Special Forces finally decide to brazenly kick aside the Sovereign Statute Books and ruthlessly swoop down on him) ; the Ivorien Constitution specifically prescribes that it is actually the Parliamentary Speaker who should immediately take over , pending any other Constitutional Governance Formalities.

To this effect , it therefore still remains the Fundamental Political Ruling of Joseph Chikelue Obi that until the Subsisting Decision of the (Apex) Competent Electoral Appellate Authority is duly vacated , ECOWAS (or any other Formidable Busybody Network) has Absolutely No Lawful Business (whatsoever) in trying to forcefully unseat President Gbagbo ; most especially when all of the (Chubby-Cheeked) Judges of the Supreme Court of Ivory Coast were exceedingly helpful enough not to block Laurent Gbagbo from formally swearing himself in as Head of State ( Chef d ' Etat ).

As previously stated , Doctor Obi would like to (once again) firmly admonish the Hallowed Nigerian Presidency never , ever, ever to unilaterally institute any External Military Intervention against President Laurent Gbagbo at this present point in time - without (Rock) Solid Approval from the Nigerian Bicameral Legislature.

If the United Kingdom , France , Canada and America (et al) desperately want to go straight for Gbagbo's Bulging Jugular , then they must all be fully prepared to decisively do it by themselves.

Shameless , Wreckless , Unlawful and Highly Opportunistic Neo-Colonialism will not significantly solve any of Africa's Major Problems ; since most of the (Trigger-Happy) Colonial Masters are equally as corrupt as their African Counterparts.

Ivory Coast: Gbagbo sworn in as president - no comment
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