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Medical Licensing Council
Medical Licensing Council

Joseph Chikelue Obi Reshuffles His 2011 International Visiting Professor Commitments

Joseph Chikelue Obi would like to publicly thank all of the various Private Universities (around the world) who have taken it upon themselves to unilaterally appoint him to the rank of Full Professor (without Proper Consultation or Permission).

Please however be duly informed that Dr Joseph Obi will henceforth not be in an ethical position to duly oblige ; most especially if the Chancellors of the respective Hallowed Institutions spectacularly fail to officially negotiate with him directly ; in relation to such (exceedingly noble) Appointments.

Let it therefore be publicly known that the only earthly entity with the power to lawfully consent to an Academic Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi Listing , is no one other than Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi himself.

By virtue of this Firm Public Announcement , all future Nominations must be EXPLICITLY confirmed by Dr Obi personally - and (most certainly) not via any Highly Reputable Intermediary or Head-Hunter.

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