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Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi Goes On The Attack ! | Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi Emasculates The Skeptics ! | Obi Does It Again !

It is confirmed that Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi has emphatically thrashed the Sceptic Scientific Community (yet again).

During a recently concluded (and Bitterly Fought) Petition Endorsement Contest , which was independently hosted on the Downing Street (Prime Minister's) Official Website ; Professor Obi easily managed to swiftly obtain over 1000 UK Signatures , in shocking comparison with the Relatively Tiny Number of UK Signatures (less than 50) which were painstakingly collected by the Sceptic Scientists Group.

It may interest you to note that Cabals-upon-Cabals of Exceedingly Arrogant Sceptic Scientists have been incessantly waging Malicious Online Campaigns against Dr Obi ; most especially over the past decade (or so).

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