Medical Licensing Council

Medical Licensing Council
Medical Licensing Council

Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi backs Professor Dora Akunyili for Top Nigerian Health Ministry Job.

Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi hereby publicly endorses the Nomination of Professor Dora Akunyili , (B.Pharm 1978 ; PhD 1985 ; Full Professor 2000 ; NAFDAC D-G 2001 ; Nigerian Senior Information Minister 2008 ), as the Senior Health Minister for the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Professor Joseph Obi additionally endorses Doctor Idi Hong , (MBBS 2000) , as Co-Minister in the very same Health Ministry.

Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi also diplomatically recommends Alhaji Suleiman Bello , (a Graduate Nurse Consultant and Former Health Ministry Director) , as a Compromise Candidate for either of the above positions ; since there currently appears to be some sort of (Endless Political)Tug-of-War between Licensed Medical Doctors and Registered Pharmacists within the Noble Nigerian Nation.

Eclectic (and Successfully Sustainable) Governmental Leadership should always be a Multidisciplinary Affair ; as No Single Profession exclusively has all the answers to Nigeria's Daunting Myriad of Endemic Idiosyncratic Problems.

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