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" I have said this a thousand times before ; and I will continue to boldly yell it until someone at GMC HQ actually takes due notice.

Most of the Medical Manslaughter Deaths within the United Kingdom are accidentally induced by White Medical Doctors with an Exceptionally High Professional Standard of English Language Skills . . . One of whom incidentally happens to be Graeme Robertson Dawson Catto (a Former President of the General Medical Council) . . .

It is therefore Exceptionally Unfortunate that the General Medical Council is currently waging a Shameless Racist War against (Hard-Working) Foreign Doctors ; most especially when (to date) almost all of Britain's Major Medical Murderers have been White UK Citizens (with Strong GMC Connections) - who gleefully graduated from (Disproportionately-White) UK Medical Schools. "

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Professor Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi
Leader of Opposition against the General Medical Council

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