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Medical Licensing Council
Medical Licensing Council

Mr Joseph Obi v Mr Joseph Chikelue Obi | * The Triumphant Return of The Medical Mister Wize Guy * . . .

" Once Upon A Time . . . After I had successfully graduated from an Internationally Accredited Medical School (very , very , very many outrageously eager years ago) and was very busily then completing my 12 (Twelve) Month Clinical Housemanship at an Internationally Acclaimed Hospital ; it was generally thought (at that time) that Doctor Joseph Chikelue Obi or Doctor Joseph (without the Chikelue) Obi would unfailingly end up being a Mister . . . (i.e a Surgeon) . . . of some extremely controversial sort.

On the very day that I gleefully obtained my Full Medical Practising License (which I still lawfully hold unto this very day , in addition to yet another uninterrupted Medical Practising License legally obtained elsewhere) , I bullishly phoned my totally hilarious Director of Surgery and politely boasted : Sir , mark my words - I'll definitely end up being a globally notorious Mister sometime before I gloriously reach the ripe old age of Fourty . . .

. . . Judging from the sensationally unrivalled wealth of information on the internet currently relating to a one Mr Joseph Chikelue Obi plus a one Mr Joseph (without the Chikelue) Obi , I can henceforth very fairly claim to have effortlessly achieved that exceedingly humble aim - (most notably) without the guilty little pleasure of having to go through more than a decade of exceptionally gruelling Postgraduate Surgical Training . . .

In other words - Be careful what you ultimately wish for . . ."

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