Joseph Obi v Joseph Chikelue Obi : How I (Very) Easily Get Away With Shamelessly Loving Myself . . . To The Limit !

Exceedingly Tense Organizers (and Principal Conference Staff) at Top Public Speaking Engagements politely (and consistently) tend to frequently ask me whether I would candidly prefer to be rapturously introduced onto the Podium as either Joseph Chikelue Obi or (simply just) Joseph (without the Chikelue) Obi.

With a Water Melon Smile and a Dashing Hollywood Wink , I always tend to humbly reply :

"There are probably more than a million and one ( wannabe ) Joseph Obi's on this Earthly Little Planet alone . . .

But Alas (Oh Alas), my Precious Little Darlings - There very sadly remains just the One . . and Only . . . , (Totally Fabulously Sensational) , Joseph Chikelue Obi."

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Joseph Chikelue Obi