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Dr Joseph Obi Diplomatically Defends Debbie Rowe ( Michael Jackson's Ex Wife ! )

Maverick International Human Rights Crusader , Professor Joseph Obi , has publicly called on the Jackson Family to ultimately share joint custody of all Michael Jackson's Children with his Ex Wife Debbie Rowe and Diana Ross.

Speaking in exasperated private response to the Imminent Jackson Custody Battle which is reportedly soon set to rock the Californian Legal System , Dr Joseph Obi politely stated :

"Although the Late Mr Michael Joseph Jackson obviously wanted his Mother , Sisters and Diana Ross to all have an Eclectic Input into the Shaping of the Lives of His Legal Children ; that still does not exclude the fact that (under Californian Law) Surviving Biological Parents usually have lots and lots of rights too.

I would therefore like to humbly advise the Jackson Family to urgently reach some sort of Lawful Settlement with Miss Debbie Rowe ; as it should be recalled that Debbie has repeatedly also solidly stood by Michael Jackson during very (very) many of his Countless Trials and Tribulations - even at times when she was not formally obliged to do so . . ."

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