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Joseph Obi : Blame The UK Press For Samantha Orobator's Quagmire

Controversial International Human Rights Activist and Alternative Medicine Guru , Dr Joseph Obi , has (once again) publicly cautioned the British Media (Press) Establishment to stop openly insulting the Profound Sovereign Dignity of the Laotian Government via Obliviously Sensationalist Newspaper Reports about the case of Jailed Pregnant British Citizen Samantha Orobator.

Speaking during a Recent Social Event Professor Obi said :

" I have said it before - and I will boldly say it again.

The Very Kind People of Lao are absolutely nowhere near the Vicious Hostile Savages which the British Media Establishment is covertly painting them to be.

Nobody has ever been executed in Lao for Drug Smuggling since the 1990's : Laotian Statute also explicitly forbids the execution of Pregnant Women too.

It is therefore Fundamentally Imperative that Our Shameless UK Tabloid Newspapers immediately shut up their Flipping Gobs - and fully allow Due Legal Process to appropriately take it's course.

Samantha Orobator would have (almost certainly) been back in London by now - If the Outrageously Foolish British Media had not publicly accused the Laotians of Gang-Raping the poor little girl in Jail.

We can only now very fervently pray that the Lao Government's Investigations do not ultimately tarry far beyond Samantha's Expected Date of Delivery . . . As nobody currently knows precisely what decisive evidence which DNA Testing of the Baby will comprehensively reveal . . ."