Joseph Obi : David Miliband (UK Foreign Secretary) is not representative of UK Showbiz Opinion . . ."

Professor Joseph Obi , has publicly advised the World to completely ignore recently reported Highly Insulting Comments which were allegedly made by UK Foreign Secretary , Mr David Miliband , in the wake of the Sudden Death of Music Megastar Michael Jackson.

Speaking in response to an avalache of Media Queries , Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi said:

" Mr David Miliband's current remit as UK Foreign Secretary does not statutorily include (purportedly) making utterly insensitive online comments about the Late Mr Michael Joseph Jackson.

I would therefore humbly like to publicly apologize to Michael Jackson's Family (and Fans) - on behalf of all equally-shocked Citizenry of the United Kingdom ; as it is not by our very own choice that we have had to shamefully put up with our (Obliviously Catastrophic) MONSTROUSLY UNELECTED UK GOVERNMENT - including it's Outrageously Juvenile (and Cowardly) Foreign Secretary . . . Who (I am perfectly sure) is most probably drafting either a Blatant Denial or a Flimsy Retraction (Right Now !) . . ."

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