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Dr Joseph Obi : " Michael Joseph Jackson Knew Perfectly Well That He Was Slowly Dying - His Kids Were The Ones Who Kept Him Alive For So Long . . ."

Maverick International Human Rights Crusader , Dr Joseph Obi , is said to be of the independent professional view that Music Megastar Michael Jackson will ultimately become far much greater in Death than in Life.

Commenting on the massive global outpouring of affection which is currently surrounding the recent demise of the Highly Controversial Pop Music Megastar , Professor Obi said :

" Michael Joseph Jackson will ultimately become far much greater in Death than he ever (ever) was in Life.

It is my exceedingly private opinion that even Mister Jackson was perfectly well aware of this fact ; and that is why he shrewdly ensured that his children are now the Sole Beneficiaries the Full Intellectual Property Rights for over 200 of his Secretly Unpublished Songs . . . thus guaranteeing his offspring a Very Secure Financial Future (far away from his Eager Creditors).

To put it bluntly , Michael Jackson was not as Wacky as many of his Critics would want others to believe : Infact , permit me to boldly say that (it would superficially now appear that) Michael Jackson knew very well that the time was nigh for the Profound Limitations of his Physical Body to gloriously give way to the Formidable Flawless Power of his Profound Celestial Spirit . . .

The Bottomline is Pure and Simple : Michael Joseph Jackson (RIP) definitely knew that he was (most very certainly) not in 100 % Perfect Physical Condition (let alone perform countless hundreds of Comeback Musical Concert Performances ) . . . as his Detailed Autopsy (Post-Mortem) Findings (and Counter-Findings) are soon set to Contentiously Reveal . . . "