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Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi defends BNP Leader Nick Griffin . . .

Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi , has publicly called upon Ethnic Minorities not to participate in any further Physical Attacks on Mr Nick Griffin MEP , the Highly Controversial Leader of the British National Party .

Speaking during a very short telephone conversation , the Eminent Human Rights Crusader (and Anti-Racism Activist) firmly averred :

" Everyone has the right to be heard - most especially those at the exceedingly extreme fringes of Political Society.

In my exceptionally humble view , I do not personally think that Nick Griffin is as dangerous as many of his Rabid Political Critics would fervently want us to believe.

What we fundamentally need to do right now is to patiently give him the unlimited chance to speak - so that we can all decisively make up our minds as to what he precisely stands for.

I therefore humbly call upon all Ethnic Minority Citizens not to participate in any further Physical Attacks on Mr Griffin until we have all had a chance to hear the (Full) A to Z of everything which he really has to say - most especially in his current Statutory Capacity as a Duly Elected Member of the European Parliament with an Approximate Grassroots Electoral Base of thereabouts 2 Million Mature UK Voters.

There are Far Much More Lethal Secret Racists (and Under-Cover Fascists) who are gleefully serving within the (Present) Obliviously Corrupt Establishment of the United Kingdom - So it is not (in any way) lawfully fair (or humane) to simply just single out Poor Mr Griffin for such utterly despicable Mob Action."