Joseph Chikelue Obi attacks UK Tabloid Press over Jailed Briton Samantha Orobator . Says 'Laos Government Insults' Totally Lack Merit.

Firebrand International Human Rights Activist , Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi , has publicly advised the British Media (Press) Establishment to stop openly insulting the Profound Sovereign Dignity of the Laotian Government via Sensationalist Newspaper Reports about the case of Jailed Pregnant British Woman Samantha Orobator.

Commenting during a recent Regulatory Event , a totally relaxed Professor Obi said :

" The People of Lao are certainly nowhere near the Hostile Savages which the Stupid British Media Establishment is covertly painting them to be.

Nobody has ever been executed in Lao for Drug Smuggling since the Year 1990 : Laotian Statute also explicitly forbids the execution of Pregnant Women too.

It is therefore Fundamentally Imperative that Our Rabid UK Tabloid Newspapers immediately shut up their Flipping Gobs - and fully allow Due Legal Process to appropriately take it's course.

Once we have a Verdict and a Sentence ; then we start the Mud-Slinging (if need be) . . . But certainly not beforehand."

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