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Medical Licensing Council
Medical Licensing Council

Dr Joseph Obi : "Samantha Orobator Won't Face Laos Firing Squad Over Drug Mule Charges. "

Further to my Direct Diplomatic Intervention in this case , I would like to publicly announce that I have just received acceptable confirmation from the Highest Political Level (in Lao) that the Laotian Government will not endorse the Execution of Any Pregnant Woman within it's Realm.

As previously stated ; I would like to publicly suggest that the very best way to help Samantha Orobator is to quickly write directly to the Military President of Lao , via the following address :

His Exellency General Choummaly Sayasone
President of Lao and Leader of the Lao People's Revolutionary Party
c/o His Excellency Ambassador Phiane Philakone
Embassy of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic
2222 S St. NW
Washington, DC 20008
Email Address:
Phone: +1 (202) 328 9148 +1 (202) 667 0187
Consular Office: +1 (202) 667 0076
Fax: +1 (202) 232 1208
Website :

In the interim , we will continue to independently work behind-the-scenes ; to ethically attempt to judiciously secure the future of either Samantha , or her Unborn Child or Both.

Thank You ,

Professor Joseph Obi FRCAM(Dublin)

The Rt Hon Laird Obi of Kincavel.