Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi | " Allow Madonna to adopt many more African (Malawi) Babies ! "

Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi , has publicly defended Musical Megastar Madonna over her recent Trials and Tribulations ; in relation to the adoption of yet another African Baby from Malawi.

Speaking in rapid response to countless questions posed during a recent Social Event, the Outrageously Controversial Prof. Obi unflinchingly retorted :

" In my person (and professional) opinion , I very candidly feel that Madonna seems to be doing an Absolutely Fabulous Job as a Totally Wonderful Mother-of-the-Earth.

It is not within our Due Humanitarian Remit to acrimoniously dictate to her how she happily chooses to live her Life - or charitably distribute her (hard-earned) money.

If Madonna candidly wishes to selflessly spend all of her Very Many Millions (of Dollars) on Thousands of Adopted African Babies , then it is certainly Nobody's Business (whatsoever) ; provided that everything is handled both Lawfully and Lovingly."

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