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Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi : Easter Message 2009

Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi - Easter Message 2009:

"Alternative Medicine is defiantly fighting back , and has now formidably destabilized it's Major Skeptic Tormentors.

Every single ferocious attack on the Alternative Medicine Campaign has sensationally been repelled - and a million and one Alternative Medicine Campaigns have now decided to proudly rear their heads . . . to boldly fight for the noble profession of Alternative Medicine ; without any fear or trepidation (whatsoever).

The net effect of this Absolutely Fabulous Development is that Hundreds of Millions of highly satisfied people all around the world have now started self-funding their very own Alternative Medicine Treatments ; thus maverickly bypassing any Ill-Advised Beaurocratic Nightmares altogether.

It will therefore only be a matter of time before Alternative Medicine universally becomes the Treatment of First Instance ; for a wide variety of Ailments and Afflictions."

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