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Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi - Christmas Message 2008 ( * Alternative Medicine )

" Christmas is one of the most important times of the year.

For many of us , it is an absolutely perfect time to comprehensively reflect upon whatever the Christian Faith actually means ; while for others it is simply a very good opportunity to compassionately relax with Friends , Foes and Family.

One of the very greatest strengths of the Alternative Medicine Campaign is the ground-breaking manner in which our humble movement has ethically leveraged an exceeedingly wide range of issues from very many different sectors ; while still formidably maintaining our Fundamental Political Ethos as an Ethical Professional Network.

Christmas is a time for communities to lovingly come together, to give and to share and to be at peace ; a time to build the kind of respect for each other which ultimately helps us to be stronger.

My affectionate hope for 2009 is that a tinsy winsy little bit of the profound goodwill and mutual respect which we all enjoy at Christmas will eclectically last (at least in part) ; all year round and possibly beyond .

Merry Christmas , Everybody . . . and Happy New Year."

Professor Joseph Obi

Chief Political Strategist of the Alternative Medicine Campaign