Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi advises Alternative Medicine Professionals to withdraw financial subscriptions to Hostile Professional Organizations

Controversial Alternative Medicine Guru , Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi , has today advised Alternative Medicine Professionals to stop paying Annual Financial Subscriptions to organizations which are deemed hostile to Alternative Medicine.

Speaking from the Sunny Mediterranean , where he is currently enjoying an extended Easter Holiday , Professor Obi said:

" There is absolutely no point (whatsoever) in Alternative Medicine Professionals stubbornly staying where they are simply not wanted.

If you (as a Fully Qualified Wellness Consultant) were diligently contributing so many hundreds of dollars every year to a particular Greedy Professional Organization which suddenly then turned out to be exceedingly hostile to Alternative Medicine Gurus , then it may be exceedingly wise for you to financially pull the plug on that particular organization and channel your noble contributions elsewhere.

I (for one) have already since started pulling all my cash out of such Revoltingly Hostile Organizations ; and hopefully (by the end of this season) , I would have ethically optimized my exceedingly humble resources elsewhere. "