Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi Declares Victory Over General Medical Council . . .

Leader of Opposition against the General Medical Council , Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi , has warmly advised UK Medical Doctors to eagerly prepare for what could possibly be their best year ever . . .

Speaking in Belfast , at the end of a Private Inspection Tour of an Alternative Medicine Facility , the Eminent Black British Human Rights Crusader delightfully said :

" 2007 was definitely one hell of a year for almost everybody , but it most very certainly still did have it's good points.

If there is one tough lesson which RemedyUK and all of the other Pressure Groups out there should have seriously learnt by now , it is the very simple fact Size does not really matter . . . at least when it comes to comprehensively getting your message directly across to the Corridors of Power in Downing Street.

What really counts is Stamina . . . "

When asked to clearly explain what he meant in a bit more detail , the Undisputed Doyen of Medical Politics diplomatically let out a few mischievious little chuckles before suavely continuing :

"When we started both of our Downing Street Petitions almost a year ago , someone in the GMC publicly boasted that we wouldn't get more than 2 Independently Validated Signatures - and that the whole GMC Abolition Campaign would sensationally collapse simply because (in their fickle-minded opinion) I was deemed to be Too Divisive and Too Anti-Establishment . . . whatever that means.

Thankfully , both of our Downing Street Petitions do seem to have done a little bit better than 2 Signatures at the present moment, at least so far , anyway.

But the profound beauty of the matter is that because we selflessly devoted one full year of Ear-Deafening Mayhem to our cause , over 200,000 Doctors in the United Kingdom will soon be enjoying the Profound Regulatory Benefits of an Absolutely Fabulous year".

Upon further questioning as to what exactly was going to be So Fabulous about the current year , he said :

"We begged for the GMC to be stripped of it's Core Adjudication Powers . . . and our prayers have recently just been resoundingly answered.

We also cried out for an Independent Clinical Tribunal to speedily come into force , and we are just about to get Parliamentary Legislation for it . . . in the form of the newly created Independent Adjudicator for the all of the Medical and Healthcare Professions.

We further appealed that the GMC also be stripped of it's Statutory Powers relating to Governance of Medical Education in the UK . . . and now (thanks to a recent report released only just a few days ago) that prayer is soon set to be firmly answered too , by way of the formation of an Independent Body to oversee Medical Education in the UK - even though it is highly likely that (due to serious logistics issues) the GMC may be temporarily asked to firmly handle all major facets of UK Medical Education , pending the arrival of such a long overdue body.

We additionally publicly called on the UK Government to have a tinsy winsy little look at Institutional Racism at the GMC . . . and (Lo and Behold) before we knew it , the Racial Equality Commissioners were avidly on the case , and (Hey Presto !) the 'New and Improved , Touchy Feely' GMC had dramatically rolled out it's Grand Old Dinosaurs and Big Guns for a Self-Serving (and Outrageously Nauseating) Ethnicity Census Tombola Party . . .

What's more , because the GMC is not about to be abolished anytime just yet , we have also been offered a Brand New Lease of Life and are now able to gloriously retain our Current Political Platform as an Independent Watchdog over the GMC ; for if the GMC had been abolished so soon , we would have then had to sadly pack our bags and gloomily trot of into the Sunset.

However , the most beautiful fact of all is that most of these Highly Momentous Gains were duly achieved with comparatively few Petition Signatures at all . . . So it was our Stamina which actually made us prevail in the long run , and not necessarily our Size. "

*NB : The General Medical Council Opposition Leader (Dr Joseph Obi) would like to publicly thank the all of our Downing Street Signatories for their Fantastic Support over the past year.

Preliminary Comparative Analysis of the separate Downing Street Petitions above clearly suggests that 4 out of every 5 people would rather have the General Medical Council comprehensively abolished altogether , instead of trying to patch it up with one particular Investigation or another.

Happy New Year , Everybody - Aluta Continua !