Joseph Chikelue Obi Defies Gravity . . . As 5000 Defamatory Bloggers Launch Futile Struggle To Sink Him . . .

Alternative Medicine Strongman , Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi , has today survived one of the Most Lethal Bloggers Assaults in Modern History , with almost Five Thousand Defamatory Bloggers woefully failing to sink him despite their use of the very latest Internet Spamming Technology.

Speaking from Belfast, where he (Dr Obi) is currently relaxing after a highly successful Campaign against the General Medical Council , the Eminent Political Gentleman flawlessly dismissed the attempt to sink him as a Woefully Futile Exercise saying :

" Let them drink Bile if they so wish : In the Interim , my Multiple Legal Actions have already started , and will maverickly proceed as planned . . . Come what may "

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