Dr Joseph Obi Wins Again !

Financier of the Alternative Medicine Fights Back Campaign , Dr Joseph Obi , has maverickly brushed aside recent attempts to discredit him based on GMC Sponsored News Articles.

Speaking in Belfast where he is currently enjoying a wonderful weekend he said :

" When I was told that the Enemies of Alternative Medicine had recruited 5000 (Five Thousand) Bloggers to write rubbish about me 24 hours a day , ( every single day of the year ) , I said OK . . . Let's wait and see precisely what they will say . . . (Because in my view , it is a perfectly Good Military Tactic to sit back and watch them all come creeping out of the woodwork , so that I know precisely what their capabilities are).

So they came all creeping out like Vermin . . . All 5000 of them. They Googled . They Wriggled. They Spat. They Cursed . . . and They Left.

Now , after speedreading almost everything that they have written , and also carefully analyzing their strategies , I have reached the simple conclusion that their plan has massively backfired ; as all that their 5000 Blogposts have done is provide me with even more ammunition for my Multiple Lawsuits . . . both against the Hosting Company of the Defamatory Blog Itself and the General Medical Council.

The bottomline in all this is pure and simple : The 5000 have achieved absolutely nothing . . . and both the Hosting Company and the GMC will tearfully pick up the bill.

The fact that a gruesome set of GMC Sponsored Articles were written about me many years ago by Racist Bunch of Tuppeny Journalists does not make it a fact in law ; especially when the very person who they wrote about was never ever charged with any offence whatsoever.

I have absolutely no criminal record or criminal convictions whatsover . . . and anyone who implies otherwise should be firmly made to pay the supreme price for their actions. . . and that is why they are all so worried that my Legal Team is going after them all ; because they know that when we do eventually catch them , they will certainly not escape their due punishment.

So leave everything to me . . . All 5000 of them can go and colonize the whole of Google if they like , but mark my words : None of them will escape Justice - wherever they may be.

This is probably going to be the easiest £10 Million which I am ever going to make in my lifetime : Infact, I am seriously loving every single minute of it - Life couldn't possibly be any more sweeter than this ! "

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