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Royal College of Alternative Medicine (RCAM) Strongman , Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi , warmly invites you to celebrate the launch of his 2008 Range of Self Medication eBooks , ethically targeted at those who cannot afford Appropriate Levels of Medical Cover and Healthcare Insurance.

Joseph Chikelue Obi is a Fully Qualified (and Lawfully Licensed) International Medical Doctor and Emeritus RCAM Visiting Professor ; with a Certified Core Specialist Interest in Evidence Based Alternative Medicine (EBAM)

About Self Medication Scripts :

Self-Medication Scripts are Short and Simple guidelines on how best to lawfully self-medicate your various Bodily States , in a Safe , Ethical and Cost-Effective manner.

They are specifically targeted at those who lack sufficient Health Insurance (or Medical Cover) ; with a view to ethically enhancing their Ultimate Wellness Potential within their rather limited financial budgets.

Although Self-Medication Scripts have the potential to healthily keep up to 90% of Clients out of hospital ; they in no way (whatsoever) replace conventionally appropriate Medical Advice from a Lawfully Licensed Local Physician or Surgeon.

Clients must therefore use their very own personal discretion quite resourcefully indeed ; as they may not necessarily need every single item listed in any particular Self-Medication Script.

Clients must also always advise their Lawfully Licensed Local Medical Doctors of any Self-Help Initiatives in the field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) which they may possibly wish to ethically subscribe to.

Self Medication Scripts are only available via Electronic Download ; and cost just under US$10.

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