Royal College of Alternative Medicine : Scholarship Bonanza !

It has been publicly announced that Royal College of Alternative Medicine (RCAM) is to ethically waive 20% Off it's Evidence Based Alternative Medicine (EBAM) Fellowship Training Programme for Medical Graduates based in the United Kingdom.

Speaking over the weekend during an exclusive interview , a Emeritus RCAM Provost Joseph Chikeue Obi said :

" The recent events relating to Medical Regulation in the United Kingdom has resulted in an exceedingly dramatic surge of enquiries concerning our programme.

What most Professionals seem to like about the RCAM Fellowship Programme is the fact that once you complete it , you do not have to pay anything else if you do not want to. This is in marked contrast to other Fellowship Programmes out there where you are technically bled dry every single year of your Professional Life in the name of Annual Subscription Fees , which , if you do not pay , will essentially make your Fellowship 'lapse'.

Another compliment which we have generally received is the fact that the RCAM Fellowship Certification technically allows you to do almost anything within the limits of your Professional Indeminity Schedule for Alternative Medicine.

What's more, one of the recommended Professional Indeminity (Liability) Insurance Schemes is portable globally , starting at just under £20 per month. The 100% Outsourced RCAM Business Model is totally Portable (and Replicatable) too , without any massive outlay costs (or ongoing scary overheads).

As most of the UK enquirers for the RCAM Fellowship Programme are Poor Junior Doctors with exceedingly limited sources of income (and huge debts) , RCAM has officially decided to waive 20% Off it's Standard Fellowship Training Fees for all UK Based Medical Graduates - with immediate effect.

An additional Easy Pay Solution for RCAM Fellowship Candidates will also be making it's debut quite soon indeed ,via the Medical Licensing Commission (MLC)".

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