Joseph Chikelue Obi : "The General Medical Council Cannot Stop Me"

Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi sensationally proves that he is the Ultimate Medical Survivor :

Excerpts from his upcoming Quotes :

"The General Medical Council tried to corruptly strike me off the Medical Register - but shamefully failed.

The General Medical Council tried to sabotage my Masters Degree Programme in Public Health - but it also pitifully failed - while I successfully graduated againsts all the odds.

The General Medical Council was morbidly shocked when I passed all stages of the United States Medical Licensing Exam ( steps 1, 2 and 3 including the Clinical Skills Assessment ) - and even tried to mess that bit up to. Thankfully , the wise Americans politely told the GMC to go to Hell.

The General Medical Council has woefully tried to take me to Court using countless (successive) Fake Patients over the past few years - but has also consistently failed to get any of their tattered cases past the very first desk of the Crown Prosecution Service.

The General Medical Council tried desperately to hide the fact that I passed the GMC's very own PLAB Examination in flying colours - and at a particular point almost went as far as trying to destroy all the evidence. Luckily , I got hold of it first - and threw it right in their faces at the 11th hour.

The General Medical Council desperately tried to get the Northumbrian Police to cook up false charges against me - but yet again obliviously failed. Instead the utterly embarrassed Policemen profusely apologized and promptly closed the matter.

The General Medical Council sent the Racist Tabloid Newspapers after me - and they all woefully failed in rapid succession too. All I ultimately got was much more publicity and support from the General Public than I had ever imagined.

The General Medical Council (in concert with a Racist News Editor and the agents of the British National Party) sent arsonists , thieves and racists to burn down one of my Properties in Gateshead - but the Fire Brigade miraculously saved the day.

The General Medical Council tried to use False 'Fellowship (Internship) Applicants' to sabotage the operations of all my business interests - but God made sure that they all obliviously failed again and again and again.

At present , the General Medical Council is currently looking for all sorts of reasons to silence me , but is still having ity's avalanche of Corrupt Practices dramatically backfire right into it's miserable face.

The latest letter which I received from the GMC recently apologized for sitting on my GMC Registration entitlement for 2 whole years without even so much as ethically a single page of the documentation. But even then it still had the wrong name on it ! Thankfully, it is the Good Lord alone who has generously helped me survive (and excel) during every single moment of such bottomless regulatory wickedness.

At a particular point, the General Medical Council criminally used a Corrupt Magistrate to falsify Official GMC documents relating to my case - and I had to personally lodge a formal complaint about the matter to the Lord Chancellor who then stripped the utterly disgraceful Magistrate of almost all of his Judicial Powers and perpetually barred him from sitting in Court.

And now we have the GMC sending the 'half-wit' Quackometer Bloggers after me , who (by the way) don't even know the very meaning of the word 'Quack'.

So what else can the GMC possibly ever do to me , now ?

As far as God Almighty continues to be on my side ,I shall ethically remain far above the morally deficient General Medical Council - and well out of it's 'dumb-assed' tuppeny league.

The GMC ain't seen nothing yet : My Revelations must continue - Come what may "

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More details coming soon.

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