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Joseph Chikelue Obi MD | Fashion Update | (Out-Of-This- World) Celebrity Hair Salon | May 2018 (Undisputed Winner - For the FIFTY-SEVENTH Sensational Month In a Row !) Joseph Obi | Celebrity Fashion Blog | Oprah Boldly Spins Into Orbit ! ". . . Is That (Really) You , Oprah ??? . . . " - Joseph Chikelue Obi | Celebrity Fashion Blogger * * * Black UK Politics Blog | Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi on Twitter Featured Readers Responses [1] to My Tweets : Dear Professor Obi, Congrats on your 5th annniversary of holding a full eu medical licence , and thank you for competently treating one of our relatives in your private (european union) clinic. We knew your late father when you all lived at pathfield road , near streatham common in London SW16 ; many decades ago. Please therefore duly feature the above story , even though we know that chuka umunna's late father was one of your Daddy's best friends - long before they acrimoniously parted …